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New text book on Vacuum Science and Technology

Anton P.J. Stampfl  | Published on 2/8/2019

Vacuum Science and Technology

Vacuum Science and Technology is a brand-new international edition of the Dutch standard work Basisboek Vacuumtechniek, first published in 2000 by the Dutch Vacuum Society. This volume has since proven to be a real “bestseller” on vacuum physics and technology in the Dutch language region.  In the new English edition, ISBN 978-90-9029137-6, released February 2016 by the consortium The High Tech Institute & Settels Savenije van Amelsvoort NL, the main author Bert Suurmeijer, PhD with co-authors Theo Mulder, BSc and Jan Verhoeven, PhD have included all currently relevant knowledge for anyone working in vacuum-based research, instrumentation, development, production, or business.

 The book may be purchased directly from the  author's web-site as either a hard-cover book or in e-book (pdf) format.


Basic concepts
Gas-solid interaction
Flow of gases through tubes and orifices
Vacuum pumps and pumping systems
Pressure measurement
Partial pressure gauges and residual gas analysis
Measurements of pump properties
Leak detection
Sealing techniques and system components
Material selection lubrication cleaning working discipline