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How to fill out the ECM-128 Registration Form


  • Our System isn't perfect. But its pretty good. One "BUG" that has to be fixed is the "<Back" button function. If you make a mistake, please use the "Cancel x" button. You will have to start again but the system will behave properly for you. We are currently resolving the  "<Back" button function problem.
  • You do not need to pay immediately. You can Register and our system will send you a confirmation email with all details of your registration. This will include a link to pay. So please do not forget to include an email address. You are more than likely, however, already on our database for IUVSTA.

Step 1: Go to and click on "ECM-128"

Step 2: Click "Register Now"

Step 3: Your name may already be in our system. Look for it.

Step 4: If not there fill out remaining parts of this page and the continue to the next page by pressing the "Next" button.

Step 5: Select whether you want "Registration" or "Registration+Accommodation". Press "Next" when ready

Step 5a: If you selected "Registration+Accommodation" then an additional question page is presented. Select either one of the hotels from the dropdown list or "Any" from this list. If you wish us to select from a number of hotels put the names of the hotels into the "Comments" box. When ready press "Next"

Step 6: This page lists the hotels that you may have selected. If you only selected "Registration" in Step 4 then you will see that you selected "Registration" only. Press "Next" when ready.
Registration Step 6

Step 7: This is the Summary page of what is to be owed by you. You may get a formatted printout of this page. The next step requires you to press "Complete Registration". Once you press this button you will not be able to change your registration information. Also you will be registered by the system. If you gave an email address (which is highly recommended to do) in Step 4 you will receive an email detailing the Registration Fees and a link to complete the transaction if you decide not to complete it immediately.
Registration Step 7

Step 8a: There are two possibilities for payment: "PayPal" or "Check".If you select "PayPal" from the dropdown list you will be able to pay through CREDIT CARD OR USE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT
Registration Step8

Step 8b: Or you can select the Payment Method as "Check". Normally we are expecting a check to be sent to us for our local events. In this case we are expecting an International Bank Transfer from you.

Registration Step8b

International Bank Transfer Details

Bank name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB number: 063583
Account number: 10107774
Address: UNIT 2 42 MELISSA ST
Message for recipient: ECM-128 and give your name

IBANs are not used in Australia. However, payers in certain countries may require  one.
In that case, the BSB and account number should be combined.
Do not include any spaces or hyphens. That is: 
(BSB)(Account no.)

IBAN/Account Number: 06358310107774