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IUVSTA Highlights on Day 1 of VASSCAA-9


The first day of VASSCAA-9 draws special attention to, and inspiration from, the IUVSTA Highlights. On this day will see 10 world class talks given by IUVSTA experts. The overarching theme of the day and indeed of the conference is:

 Science for Societal Issues around the World

 The first Plenary of the entire conference will be given by the President of IUVSTA:

Professor Lars Montelius, Director General of the of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory 

In the afternoon nine talks will be presented on the most current and topical research being done in the nine IUVSTA scientific divisions:
 Applied Surface Science  Mladen Petravic, University of Rijeka, Croatia
 Biointerfaces  Miguel Manso, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
 Electronic Materials and Processing  Rob Elliman, ANU
 Nanometer Structures   Ana Gomes, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
 Plasma Science and Technique   Deborah O’Connel, University of York, UK
 Surface Engineering  Ivan Petrov, University of Illinois, USA
 Surface Science  Fumio Komori, University of Tokyo
 Thin Film  Francisco Yubero, University of Seville, Spain
 Vacuum Science and Technology  Jay Hendricks, NIST, USA

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