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Privacy Matters


 We strongly believe that in this information age, information should be open and available to all. We feel the W3C represent the best of the web and we therefore support their principle and vision for a web for all and a web of consumers, authors, data, services, and trust. The last part of the vision, a web of trust, is very topical at the moment with the likes of data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis firms along with many major technology companies and social media companies losing trust with consumers. You will find our current Privacy statement at the bottom of every page on our website, In addition to this privacy statement the VSA is developing a rigorous privacy, and code of conduct, policy, that encompasses all forms of activities we are engaged in, be it electronic, or non-electronic avenues of communication, that will protect your privacy according to Australian and International law and best practices defined by W3C. On our VSA site each member own’s their own data. Members don’t sign over rights to the VSA or other interests who could use it. Additionally, members choose who sees what they share, using the VSA sites ‘people’ options which provide fine grained controls. The VSA has set the initial default for all members to share no data and not be visible. The member then has the ability to change these settings so that they may be visible to other members. More on these topics in future issues.