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Vacuum Course

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 The week before VASSCAA-9 the VSA will hold an extended version of its two day short course at AINSE from the 8-10 of August. We will be announcing registration details in the next week.  A tentative programme for the course is given on the next page. We intend to have three to four instructors that will present the course. The option of hands-on work involving working vacuum systems each afternoon is currently being explored with ANSTO, AINSE, and a number of vacuum equipment vendors.

The Australian courses have been developed over a fifty year period. Initially benefiting greatly from the considerable financial investment  made by the AVS in contracting some of the former staff of the Footscray Institute of Technology (now called Victoria University) in Melbourne in the 1970’s and 1980’s to design and produce course notes for them  to use in their courses in the USA, with the provision that the notes could also be used by the staff in their Australian courses. These latter courses extended over a one week period, in keeping with other highly developed vacuum courses around the world, eg., the introductory course in  vacuum science and technology offered by the AVS was a week‐long course. The VSA week long course was also developed into a one-year diploma of Vacuum Science and Technology given at FIT.

 In the 1990’s the week long course was was shortened to a two day intensive course mainly due to the pressures placed on participants to find time to attend such a course. We would like to revisit extending now the two day course to three days as we believe more time can be usefully spent working through concepts and exercises. We also wish to explore more of a hands on approach again to such courses by potentially providing vacuum systems to work on in our afternoon practical classes. We feel that three days may be a good compromise between brevity and depth. By placing the three day course just before VASSCAA-9 gives course participants a chance to participate in VASSCAA-9 as well.

 A tentative outline of the course follows on the next page. The course follows quite closely the structure of our well known two days courses. The extra day allows for more in-depth practical classes and course exercises to be given.
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